Working Groups

Work Groups
Four Working Groups were defined for the Operational Purposes of TEGEV.
These are;

Certified by TEGEV (CbyT) and Participatory Training System Working Group – Educational Consultancy for the Technical Educational Institutions; making the quality and actuality sustainable by accrediting the educational institutions and their programs, and to perform the activities for providing the contribution to the search of qualified personnel that our industry needed through the tests and certifications based on the occupational standards and the occupational qualities that are approved by MYK.

Besides, it aims to contribute to the improvement and development of the vocational educational system and technical teachers in our country through the works it made by considering the successful examples of participatory training (dual system) in the world. It also has the activities that support the performance of theoric and practical works in universities, schools and in the training centers in the industry through the participatory training system applications.

The Head of the Working Group is Ms. Lale Bauer – CbyT.

Vocational Standards and Vocational Qualifications Working Group, by cooperating with MYK, aim to contribute to the development of the Vocational Standards and the Vocational Qualifications. The Working Group has completed the vocational standards in mechatronics as level 4, 5 and 6 through the cooperation that our foundation made with MYK, and delivered them to MYK. Following the publication of the vocational standards relevant with mechatronics in the Official Gazette, the Working Group initiated the vocational qualifications study that is required to be developed on the same subject. As a result of these studies; the Qualifications, which were prepared by our Foundation for Level 4 and Level 5, were accepted by considering very successful in Electric-Electronic Sector Committee dated on 20th of June 2013.

Standard and Qualifications Revisions and the Development of other various Standards and Qualifications and the Consultancy, which are next phases, constitute the activities of this Working Group of ours. The Members of Working Group consist of Dr. Hayrettin KARCI – Festo (Working Group Head) and the relevant Experts in the subject (Members).

You can react at the National Vocational Standards (in Turkish), which was prepared in the field of mechatronics and published in Official Gazette, here.
You can reach at the National Qualifications (in Turkish), which were prepared in the field of mechatronics and accepted and published by MYK, here.

Applied Technical University (UTÜ® / ATU®) Working Group works on an Applied Technical University model for our country. The purpose of this study is to contribute the training of the engineers who obtained the required theoric knowledge needed by the industry of our country, and also the knowledge, skills and competencies in respect of practice. The Working Group, which continues its studies for that purpose, has completed its feasibility works for an Applied Technical University model, and it has signed the Letter of Intents with the concerned stakeholders, and has realized a workshop in Germany on the dates of 6-8th of May 2014. (You can reach at the Workshop Program here).

With the plan of sharing the developments through the meetings with industry, other universities and with the other stakeholders, Yildiz Technical University hosted the “Applied Technical University (UTÜ® / ATU®) Forum which was held on September 22, 2014 (Please click for the Forum Program). held together with HfSW ATU® Working Group and ATU® Turkey stakeholders and the workshop held on September 22-23, 2014 on “Common Syllabus”, “Academic Protocol”, “Academician and Student Exchange” in order to complete the procedures required for DAAD Final Application.

The works continue with the relevant stakeholders. In this scope, a workshop was organized on the date of October 5, 2015 with the Turkish-German University and with the representatives from Germany. You can reach the Workshop Protocol here. The other members of this Working Group, which was headed by Otto W. Bauer (Festo) consist of, Prof. Dr. Nihat AKKUS (Marmara University), Zeki AYDAN (Siemens), M. Lale BAUER (CbyT), Dr. Hayrettin KARCI (Festo) and Melda Murat Mitrani (TEGEV).

Educational Services
Educational Services Working Group plans and applies the trainings under name of “Seminars from Members to Members” on the fields that some of our members are expert and some of them are in need. Besides, the outsourcing is also assessed in providing some trainings which are need by our members and which could not be supplied by our other members. Other than our members, it is also possible to participate in such trainings, which are organized by our Foundation, in the philosophy of “Life-long Learning”. Its members consist of Dr. Hayrettin KARCI - Festo (Working Group Head) and Melda Murat Mitrani-TEGEV (Member).

These Working Groups regularly come together in the specified days, and present and negotiate the obtained results to the social parties, and follows the applications.