Technical and Vocational Education

Technical and Vocational Education

The technical vocational education is provided in the vocational high schools and vocational higher educational institutions in Turkey in order to educate the middle-level technicians. The engineers are educated in the universities. A good level of engineering education is provided in the universities of Turkey. In those universities the “classical” engineers are educated who have the wide basic knowledge. However, in the education of technicians there are big differences depending on the qualities of the equipment and the teachers of the schools.

The vocational technical schools in Turkey have two basic problems:
1. How can it be possible to establish a solid tie between the theory and the practice?
2. How can a profession owner ensure that he/she has, or not, the specified knowledge and abilities, according to the occupational standards and the occupational requirements?

Combining Theory and Practice
The vocational education addresses to the various expectations. The employers expect, from the graduates of vocational education, the level of knowledge and ability that can adapt rapidly to the general work requirements. Besides, it is also expected from the graduates to follow up the developments in their occupational field by considering the rapid technological changes, and a higher motivation and sufficient level in order to reach at the qualification style. Moreover, the graduates expect to find a job that is suitable for the education qualities that they had. In case the education provides career opportunities then it becomes more attractive. A certificate is provided for the graduates for the effort they made. The graduates righteously expect that certificate be valuable that can open a new door for the job and career for them. The future and prosperity of the society depend on a strong and developable economy and the people who will develop themselves through the life-long learning. The combination of theory and practice becomes significant in various aspects for those expectations.
Combining theory and practice while makes and accelerates the learning on one side, on the other side it allows the graduates to handle a suitable job after completing a short application phase after the graduation. In this respect, TEGEV tries to include the combination of theory and practice into the vocational and academic education.

Reliable Educational Standards
A certificate should be a guarantee, which can be valuable for the graduates, employers and society, in respect of the compliance of the education with the requirements of the profession. It is not an issue only depends on the graduated person. The issue of having the qualified teachers, qualified syllabus and additionally the sufficient equipment and the time has a great importance in the institution of education.

In this respect, TEGEV developed some criteria that will ensure security to all stakeholders in a vocational education for the technical vocational education field.