Certified by TEGEV (CbyT)

“Certified by TEGEV (CbyT)” prepared the foundations of Accreditation, Testing and Certification areas during the committee Works at TEGEV, worked actively in the Euro Chamber project of Eskisehir Chamber of Industry, Stuttgart İHK & TEGEV and made the first applications of its activities there.

Today, it is continuing its activities by giving Consultancy to dual system, applied engineering model and project-based education and training programs, Accreditation of technical school & university programs, industrial technical programs and private technical education and training programs as well as, Testing and Certification Services and CoBET® as an TEGEV Affiliate. At the moment, CbyT is conducting 3rd year activities on behalf of TEGEV, for the “Youth Employability Project” at Eskişehir supported by MAŞ (an RHI AG Company) and Austrian Development Agency. You can get more information on CbyT and its activities from their Web site on www.cbyt.com.tr