Applied Technical University (ATU®) Works

An Applied Technical University model suitable for Turkey is being worked on. The aim of this study is, to contribute to the training of engineers needed by the industry in our country equipped with necessary theoretical knowledge as well as the required knowledge, skills and competence gained in terms of technology and application.

Since midst of 1995, with the Works done through one of TEGEV’s Working groups, Professors and Rectors are taken to Esslingen and other locations to study the system, Professors from Germany to Turkey are invited and a feasibility study for an Applied Technical University model for Turkey is completed. With the Forum conducted at Yıldız Technical University on 2014, industrialists and academicians were informed about this concept and common curriculum and protocol studies were done. With the Workshop done at Turkish-German University (TDU) on October 5, 2015, the common Works that can be done were discussed with the invited foreign academicians. Now, co-operations with suitable shareholders are being continued.