Applied Technical University (ATU®) Works

An Applied Technical University model suitable for Turkey is being worked on. The aim of this study is, to contribute to the training of engineers needed by the industry in our country equipped with necessary theoretical knowledge as well as the required knowledge, skills and competence gained in terms of technology and application.

TEGEV Vocational and Technical Training Research Center (TAM)

TEGEV, aiming the right system and quality in vocational and technical training by making studies and researches in this content and distributing the results to become the reference point in vocational and technical training, has established the TEGEV Vocational and Technical Training Research Center (TAM) in the Strategy Meeting conducted on April 11, 2015.

Certified by TEGEV (CbyT)

“Certified by TEGEV (CbyT)” prepared the foundations of Accreditation, Testing and Certification areas during the committee Works at TEGEV, worked actively in the Euro Chamber project of Eskisehir Chamber of Industry, Stuttgart İHK & TEGEV and made the first applications of its activities there.