We conducted the first of our Search Meetings on "Mentorship in the Workplace"

On 3 May 2017, at the Ataşehir Radisson Blu Asia Hotel, our Search Meeting on "Mentorship at the Workplace” was realized under the moderation of our Board Member Ersin Erkol.

After the welcoming speech of TEGEV President Alpay Özkan and TEGEV Secretary General Melda Murat Mitrani's brief introduction of TEGEV, CbyT President and TEGEV Board Member Mrs. Lale Bauer has provided information on mentoring, variety, and benefits of Mentorship. Subsequently, the participants shared good practices and experiences from their own companies.

Our Search Meeting had ended with the will to discuss in the next meeting in more detail with the same group thanking Arçelik-LG, CbyT, EagleBurgmann, Enka Civata, Erde, Festo, Ford Otosan, Marmara University, PAGEV, Parsan, Piksan CNC, Tofaş, Tüpraş and Unigrup representatives for their valuable contribution. Meeting notes in Turkish can be found here.
Questions to be discussed in the following meeting:
• Who should be the mentor?
• How will the Mentor-Leader balance be established?
• How is the mentoring ability measured?
• Is there a common "Mentor" definition?
• Mentoring is for sure very beneficial, but how it will be applied to the blue and gray collar (field worker)?
• How the goal will be set?
• How will the mentor-mentee relationship be established?
• How can the concepts be prevented from crossing in?
• What is the need?
• Is mentoring only transfer of knowledge?
• How will the mentoring be differentiated according to company size?
• Can a "Mentoring System" be established?