An oddity attracts the attention at first glance on the labor statistics: While the unemployment rate is very high among the young and profession owner people, and on the other hand several sectors complain about not finding the qualified personnel they look for. It is especially valid for the technical personnel field. Actually, the qualities of the personnel can be considered as the products. The quality of a product consists of its qualities and the guarantee that it really has those qualities. The schools, universities, private of public institutions educate the young and adult people. However, the education and the certificates provided by them become valuable if it is believed that the graduates really have some certain knowledge and skills.
In this respect, some sort of questions arises:
  • Does the lesson plan compatible with the educational standards?
  • Do the educational standards square with the vocational qualities?
  • Are the resources set forth, enough? Are the qualifications of instructors and teachers enough? Are there enough time and equipment?
  • Are the educational methods compatible with the purpose of the education?
  • Does the result of education coincide with the purpose and promises of the education?

Certified by TEGEV (CbyT) worked on these subjects and developed a criterion named "Quality in Education”. The next steps are; conversion of the system into the practice, and the realization of the first trials. You can reach at the detailed information and activities of CbyT from